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    This is my first time giving a broody chicks.

    I have a mixed flock with a Barred Rock as head hen. My Australorp (mid-pecking order) went broody so I gave her the chicks that hatched in my incubator over the weekend. She is safe in a caged 'broody room' in the coop. My birds only get supervised free range due to hawk pressure. Run is 300 sq feet and coop is 80 sq feet.

    When do you all let the broody out in the flock with her chicks in a non-free range situation? Is it sooner than non-mom raised chicks?

    I recently introduced some 7 week olds into the run and they are getting along great with the big girls. I did 2 weeks with the teenagers behind a gate and then supervised interatction.

    I don't want to keep broody and chicks in the coop for too long as it gets hot in summer in the coop.

    I also have a bunch of 4 week old chicks in my garage (I say a bunch because I don't want to count lol - easter egger, d'anver and buttercup).

    Flock = Barred Rock, Dark Brahma, Austarlop and New Hampshire hens and 2 call ducks

    Isa brown, 2 black sex link, 4 cream brabanter = teenagers

    (not all chickens are staying in my flock, I hatch out chicks for my sister-in-law so most will be headed south on Memorial day).

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