Chick is scared of other chickens.

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    I have a chick I rescued from the cage with some horrendous injuries. She got caught in the fence and rubbed the skin off her head and part of her wings. The other chickens pulled at her loose skin & tried to kill her, even her Mom. After couple weeks she is finally on the mend.The problem is she thinks I'm her mom, and she is scared to death of other chickens, even chicks. I tried putting another smaller chick in with her, and she hysterically cried for four hours until I removed it.I had to hold her for 30 minutes just to get her to calm down enough to go to sleep. She is happy with either on my shoulder or in my arms. She is still not quite healed enough to put outdoors (she is in a dog crate in my extra bathroom).Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do when she is healed? I don't particularly want a house chicken, and I know my husband would very much object. I would like her to be a real chicken and have other chickens around her, but I'm just not sure if that will never work.I would love any input from anyone who was ever in this situation.

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    Might try putting her in a cage type pen outside with the others. They can see each other n get to know each while keeping her safe. That's how I incorporate my young birds into the flock, it works well for me. Others will come along with more suggestions in no time I'm sure. It's just a "give it a try" kinda thing.
    Good luck and I sure hope you find a solution. And welcome to BYC, hang out when you can and get to know everyone. They're a great bunch! :)

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