Chick just got above her eye pecked!!!

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    Ok so I was going to bed when I heard this commotion with my chicks. They are inside, in the broader. I went to check and one of my buffs had pecked another buff right above the eye. It isn't bleeding but is red. I took her out but I wanted to make sure that it is Ok to put her back in with them and they won't hurt her.
    I was also wondering if anyone knew why her nose looked stuffy like that? Any help on either subject would be nice. Thanks in advance:) I really don't know what to do
  2. ChickenMama6RIR

    ChickenMama6RIR Overrun With Chickens

    I decided to put her back in there and I've been watching and everything is fine. Everyone is getting alone:)
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    Nov 6, 2016
    They're just still working out the pecking order. Chickens can sometimes relentlessly peck at reddened areas though, so I'd definitely keep on eye on them to prevent any bullying behavior. If they are bothering it, remove this chick only until the wound is healed (which should only take a day or two since it sounds minor), then put her back in; or, even better, you can leave her in the brooder if you use a red heat lamp. This will render the small wound invisible.
  4. ChickenMama6RIR

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    Thank you! They seem to be doing fine now. Which is a relief:) I will keep an eye on her though, like you said, to make sure they don't bully her.

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