Chick lethargic, drooping wing, twitching, keeps drooling/spitting up

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    May 26, 2018
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    Our chick (one in a batch of eight, four weeks old) has all the symptoms of coccidiosis:

    - pale comb
    - stretching neck and opening mouth to pant/wheeze (our other chickens do this when stressed, minus the puff of breath we can hear come out)
    - constantly sleeping
    - droopiness
    - huddling as if cold
    - yellow foamy poop
    - unkempt feathers
    - dehydration
    - "twitching" (we worry about seizures, as that showed up during our research on dehydration)

    At first we thought it was just dehydration, but we started looking into it with as more symptoms showed. We've since gotten Corid (amplorium) to treat the whole flock and isolated the baby from the other chickens while trying to keep it hydrated. But we worry and would appreciate any advice or input if anyone thinks it could be something else. We've ruled out Newcastle.

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    Welcome to BYC. Sorry about your eak and struggling chick. I would make sure the chick is drinking plenty of the medicated water. You can also mix some feed into a small amount of medicated water and try feeding it with a spoon to the beak. A tsp of plain yogurt mixed into food for probiotics can be helpful. Do you have the Corid liquid or powder? It sounds a bit like it could have a respiratory infection as well. Keep it warm since it cannot control it’s body temperature when sick. Hopefully, it will start to improve.
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