Chick limping, holding foot up and not putting weight on foot


Oct 31, 2021
Hi there-

im new here but have quite a lot of chickens.
One of my 6 week old pekin bantams was missing and I found here hiding under a bush in the rain laying on the floor.
I took her in and checked her over and she had a large hole on her back which had broken the skin. I cleaned it and sprayed it with some antiseptic healing spray for chickens and that’s healing up well.
however her leg doesn’t seem to have improved. I’ve separated her from the others as they free range with all the other chickens.
there doesn’t appear to be any obvious injuries to her leg, no breaks, bleeding, signs of bumble foot etc. I’m keeping her inside at the moment in a brooder box with a heat plate and food and water. She’s eating and drinking and cleaning herself fine.
I’m just wandering what else I might be able to do.
when I found her the older pekin bantams cockerel was next to her but I suspect something attacked her. She’s very much enjoying being inside at the moment


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Apr 3, 2011
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It sounds as those she was attacked, and she might have a sprain or fracture. Look for any swelling of the joints, green bruising, or redness, and hard to do with feathered legs. It sounds like you are doing well at keeping her resting her leg. A wire dog crate in the coop with food and water is how I separate chickens to force rest, but they stay visible to the others, so that they are not attacked when they are back out in the open. A 1/4 tablet of human super B complex vitamins can be crushed and added to a little food daily. Hopefully she will heal. I like to use chlorhexidene disinfectant initially for wounds, and keep plain Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic Ointment on wounds twice a day until they heal.

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