Chick lolling head, moderately unresponsive, seemingly involuntary mov

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    Jan 12, 2008
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    Hey all, I am over at Maddie's house with the chicks from freakychickenluver's (Maddie) hatch. I got here and there was no water, so I refilled it and they all drank for a REALLY long time. They all seemed fine afterwards and then suddenly one was on it's side with it's legs kicking, head lolling, and peeping really loudly. I gave it some polyvisol and let it rest. It was fine for several minutes but then it had another of it's kicking spasms, and then started what looked like she was gasping for air. When she finally did peep, it sounded like there was fluid in it's airway. I it possible that during her siezure she aspirated some water/polyvisol from her crop? In any case, I held her upside down and gently palpitated her airway/crop and expressed about 2/3 T of fluid. Her peeps sound normal now, but she still cant walk normally and is seeming to be having other involuntary movements ie. leg kicking, somersaults etc. What could be wrong? What could be causing this???
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    Has it gotten any better?
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    [​IMG] sounds like water poisioning??
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    Jan 30, 2009
    He is sleeping in my arms now. Opens eyes on and off. Getting better I believe.

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