Chick lost shortly after hatch

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    Please help me understand what went wrong. I apologize in advance for a possibly long post, I want to include as much info as I can so I can hopefully learn from this experience. So here goes...
    1. I went out if town for several days and came home to a broody bantam. She was on 4 eggs, unknown how long... I was gone 5 days and my dh hadn't realized it was the same bird
    2. This is a first time broody for a hen only 6 months old. I figured she would lose interest, she didn't. A week later, she was on 6 eggs.
    3. She hatched 2 last Wednesday, another hatched Saturday. I left the eggs since I didn't know when which was due, figuring I would go 3-4 days after the last hatch then clear them away. So far so good.
    4. Today after work doing chores I went in the coop to do waters etc, there was an egg away from the nest, with almost half the shell gone, the chick seemed fully developed. The shell was missing from the side of the egg, not the ends. There was a bit of blood, a wing seemed damaged like it had been pecked at. I picked it up to dispose if it, heartbroken that it was so close and it peeped! I was shocked as the egg was ice cold.
    5. I ran in the house with it, since it was hurt, cold,out if the neat already I was concerned mom would be no help. I placed it on a very warm wet washcloth in a dish, hoping immediate heat and humidity would help, then grabbed a heating pad, towel and tweezers.
    6. I rewarmed the cloth. And the chick became more lively in the shell. I set up a heat lamp attached to my Stove hood and. Moved the egg onto the now warm heating pad under the light. I picked off a tiny bit of shell and dried membrane, and the chick was able to hatch out the restvof the way alone. I knew enough to go very slowly, and stop as soon as the chick was trying and making progress.
    7. I kept the chick in the warmth, and included down feathers under it. Its wing was severely damaged, from pecking I assume, but no new bleeding after hatch. The chick lived 43 minutes.
    8. It was peeping at first, but with rapid breathing, seemed to gasp almost. As time went on, constantly checking temps, breathing remained labored, peeping stopped and it died very quietly.
    I've never hatched before, I'm sure I've done something wrong in ignorance, but I couldn't leave it to die once I realized it was still alive. I feel terrible that it came back from an ice cube, managed to hatch out, then die. She has one more egg under her that is pipped? Cracks on the end... I'm terrified something will go wrobg again. I felt very helpless, I didn't know what to do, or how to help. So, since hatching will happen again at some point I'm trying to learn everything I can.
    This evening has left me so upset tho.
    Again sorry for the long post, and thank you in advance
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    I am so sorry to hear you lost the little one, especially after your efforts to help it [​IMG] Unfortuantely I can't give you much more than it's nature and sometimes we lose the little ones… It could've been from a combination of the injury + possibly taking too long to hatch + getting cold like that? It's hard to say. I've lost quite a few chicks myself, under broody hens, from mishaps, etc. Many of them baffled me too…

    I really hope the last hatchling have by now made an appearance is doing well. Please update if/when you can?
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    Thank you! I will post when I check on everyone after work today. Hopefully all is well.
  4. cluckylady812

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    I didn't get a moment to post last night, the remaining eggs in the nest have not made any progress, but the two chicks hatched last week are doing great.
    How long should I leave the eggs?
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    I hope the chick hatched o.k? I'd candle the remaining eggs and check for signs of life now. The hen needs to get off the nest with the chicks that did hatch...
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    We lost three but so far have two that survived. My friend went out to check on the eggs one day while the hen was off the eggs and heard some peeping. The egg was cracked and the chick was peeping inside so she brought it in the house and helped it to hatch. She then put it in a fuzzy little blanket and kept it warm next her body until I can pick it up. I kept it in the blanket under my shirt for several hours until it dried out before putting it under the warm lamp with the other chick. The chick, now named chicken little, is thriving. We've done this before with other chicks that just hatched and they did really well. Someone's using your own body has helps the chick's because it mimics the body heat from the mamma hen. We still have two more eggs but I really don't think they will hatch.
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