Chick mortality and sexing accuracy


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Aug 7, 2013
I ordered seven female chicks. All of them survived but I ended up with a rooster. We realized the "she" was a "he" when he first crowed and by then it was too late to return him. He is a pretty (barred rock) and nice (lets us carry him) boy but we will have to get rid of him. We just can't risk having more chicks and he is too loud for the neighbors. I am glad that all of the chicks lived, but a little disappointed that I will have to let go of a really friendly rooster.
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Feb 18, 2011
Sorry you wound up with a rooster, hate giving up a chick that has become a pet. Most of the big hatcheries guarantee 90% sexing accuracy, though they usually do a lot better than that, so you were unfortunate. You were lucky you didn't lose a chick and must have taken good care of them. With early mortality, it is usually the shipping that causes the problem, a few chicks may have internal defects and die anyhow, but usually it is the stress of shipping that causes deaths.
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