Chick Mortality rate


11 Years
Aug 5, 2010
HI All!

I have a question, what would be an average mortality rate for chicks?

Myself and a friend have gotten a total of 10 from a small hatchery. As of this morning 4 of those 10 have died. 3 silkies at the 1 week mark, and a leghorn this morning at 3 week tomorrow. Is this an acceptable loss rate?

I know there are lots of factors, and I now know not to trust the big bag foods for medication and vitimens, I wont be upset with the hatchery if this is an acceptable rate.

I raised 12 in the spring,eggers and RIR and didnt loose a one, i did the same for these. Im beginning to think i just lucked out on the first 12.

What are your thoughts on this?


I have never lost a chick beyond the first day (Yolk sac hernias etc.). I think I have been lucky.
I have lost a fair few as adults, though, predation, sudden death, and one hen and one roo who went down in the matter of a few hours and died....cause unknown..
Losses in the first week of life are to be expected because of congenital abnormalities etc, but I wouldn't expect it to be much more than 10% of those who make it to hatch. Infections can wipe out the whole lot if you are unlucky.

NoelG, I just asked this same question earlier this week, there are 16 replies, take a look for average mortality rate on the Raising Chicks section should be towards the bottom of the first page. Lots of good info.
Im the one with the horrible silkie luck. out of the 4 lost, 3 where silkies...

from the looks of things,im doing it all right. I just think ive got my hands on some poor breedings. Im not gonna get any more from this place. Im gonna stick to getting them from MPC and maybe some hatching eggs on the silkies

chicken math has kicked in full force at my place:) we are hooked! Just asked hubby how quick we could add on to existing coop before it too cold outside to build!

Im thinking of boosting it up by at least double so i should have nice living quarters for 25 ish... cuz banty's only count as 1/2 a full sizer! Bet we could get it done withen 2 weeks if we hustle!


Ha ha!
Exact same for me right now. Just got chicks in March, and just ordered 11 more from MPC, should be here in 2 1/2 weeks. Gonna "hopefully" start the new coop this weekend!

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