Chick neck seems double jointed??? Flips head ALL THE WAY backwards??

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    We just had a Buff Orpington chick hatch early Saturday morning 7/24. One of our Plymouth Rock hens is actually the one who sat on the egg since 7/1. The chick seems healthy, happy, flittering around pecking at food when momma calls her, drinking, hiding behind momma, sleeps under her, etc.....All is normal.....EXCEPT, she tends to want to tilt her head back ALL the way until it lays on her back?? She puts it down normally when she has an itch or preens her underbelly, but when she goes to drink, she dips her beak in and then BAM....FLIPS that head back - it was hilarious when I first saw it on Sunday, that's drama for you! Must be a girl!! LOL but she is STILL doing it. Is this anything to be concerned with? None of my 8 chickens that I have raised ever did this. Whats going on here?

    MOMMA & Baby are alone, away from any other chickens.

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    I had 2 chicks do this. They would drink water, and then the head would go all the way back, and the chicken would eventually flip over. I gave those birds extra vitamins, and they outgrew it. One actually had trouble holding her head up normally. We think that she had wry neck, but she is fine now. We gave extra Polyvisol and vitamin E or B (I can't remember - sorry!) The wry neck bird was ok in a week or so, but the other one flipped over for a few weeks before outgrowing it.

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