Chick needs new home or comparable age companion asap


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8 Years
Mar 18, 2011
Virginia, need home for lonely chick ASAP. I did loose one of my 2 EE's this Sun. Found only feathers. The one left behind is 6wk, skittish with people but yesterday I was able to comfort her somewhat holding her. My SL's will not give her piece in the coop with them and keeping her separted she is too anxious even when she can see the big girls. Need to find home or companion chick ASAP.
Kelly H
Front Royal
I just read a thread for someone looking to rehome some chicks, another member told her she should post in the for sale section, you are in the disease section.
Thanks for the replies. Sorry for posting in the wrong section. Chick is going to a great new home today. Right around the bend with plenty her same age and we can visit. Taking thier horse. All is good. Everyone gets an adoption.

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