Chick Noises


In the Brooder
Mar 15, 2018
Hello. I am a new chick mom of two weeks, and constantly and listening to all the noises they make wondering is this normal? Last Saturday I had a chick that made some weird noises, and separated it for treatment. As of today that chick has returned to the brooder and acts like its the queen of the world. Anyways...on to this chick. It was making odd noises this morning, is this normal? I know its a different breed than the others...Light Brahma?
Thanks :)

Sounds sick.The beautiful pips could just be her talking.I had some who would whistle or make noises like a pegeon and still did as she grew till the day she died
Sounds like a wild bird, I had had many chicks, since I only preferred to raise chicken from day one, never heard such a thing from them.

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