Chick Nostrils closed, breathing heavily

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    Oct 3, 2013
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    Hello, My baby guinea keet has what looks like closed nostrils. One is entirely closed while the other has a tiny opening. He breathes through the tiny opening and his face near his nostrils inflates when he inhales. How do I open his nostrils? I want him to be able to breathe properly. This does not limit him from any usual guinea keet or chick activities. He flies around, jumps, eats, and sleeps fine. I am concerned because this is very unusual.

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    P.S. I had a golden laced wyandotte hen ho had entirely closed nostrils once. She breathed through her mouth but as she got older the nostrils opened. Her case was different then my keets though because her nostrils were just flapped over so there was no opening. My keet looks like he has dried glue over it(Not actual glue buut thts just what it resembles.) Itried to take a picture but it didnt show it. The photo want clear enough if i zoomed.

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