Chick not gaining weight

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    May 5, 2017
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    I have a 2 month old Barnveldor and she refuses to out on weight. I have 1 other chick the same age, which is growing and gaining wieght at a normal rate. Any recommendations for what to feed her?
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    Feed primarily a fresh nutritionally complete feed.
    2 things you can add are a probiotic. I use Gro2Max which is formulated specifically for chickens.
    Good gut flora will make better use of nutrition.
    Then add nutridrench to their water.
    You may need to use a de-chlorinator if you are on city water or add chlorine to your well water. That could kill the bacteria in the probiotics.
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    how is your chick?
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    Unfortunately, we often get runts in the hatch and those birds just don’t grow well despite everything that we do. That is nothing that you did, but it could have been an issue during incubation caused a development issue or could be genetics that has caused this bird to not grow well. Neither of those is something that can be controlled. Support her as best you can. Make sure that she has access to feed and water and that the other birds are not preventing her from getting at either of those.

    Despite her size, does she seem to be healthy? Is she active? If she appears to be sick, you could always consider taking her to a vet for an examination. It is possible that she has a health issue that is preventing her from growing. Continue to feed her a complete starter feed to get her the nutrition that she needs. No treats or scratch. You can try adding a vitamin & electrolyte product or even some probiotics in her water to see if that helps get her some extra nutrition to get her back on track. Limit the vitamin & electrolyte product to no more than 10 days at a time. Too much of this can lead to some toxicity issue, which is why they need a break.
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