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Sep 19, 2019
I know it's a broad title but I don't know what to name it. So, I'm not new to chickens. We have several different breeds and all have been Healthy with the exception of a few splayed legs, but thats fixable. So this chick, who we hatched from our very healthy ayam cemani. The ayam cemani rooster too, is in great health. 3 days ago, when it was hot, like it has been for weeks, this 4 week old chick, started laying around more often and closing it'seyes most of the time. Figured it was heat related. We made sure everyone had fluids and lots of shade. The next day, she kept acting very tired. I gave her fluids and vitamins just incase she wasn't drinking or eating enough. Day 3, she started to hold 1 wing out, and by the end of day 3, she couldn't stand up straight. She feels very stiff and falls over if you try to stand her up. She's been still getting electrolytes and water by syringe becauseshewill not eat and drink on her own. Any ideas on what this could be? No diarrhea, blood, injury or coughing/wheezing. I can send a video of her by email if you have any ideas. Thank you in advance


May 2, 2020
Eastern Michigan
Heat exhaustion, get her somewhere cool, and dip her feet in water, make her drink, and soak her feed in electrolyte water, offer her water mellon, frozen peas, and ice cubes. I hope she is ok.

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