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    Mar 11, 2009
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    I have a hen who hatched out 3 eggs on Monday. Now here is what I have observed. 5 day old chicks do not stay under mom 24/7. Eat whatever they can put in their beaks. It is warm here 85-90 in the middle of the day and low 60 at night. So why is it we have to keep chicks that are in a brooder at 95d egrees 24/7 and then lower it 5 degrees each week??? I am new at this so I do not understand it all.

    I just know that my lil chickies with the hen are very happy, scratching around the ground, eating whatever she does and are growing great.
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    I am not an expert but I quess that the need for the brooder temps is that it is there IF they need it.. If your broody babies get cold they can go to momma ..Brooder babies don't have that luxury... Just my two cents.. Also the decrease is to allow them to adjust and feather out.. I have heard they will feather much slower with to high temps..

    Anyone feel free to correct me this is just my theory...
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    I would guess that the daytime high is close to that 95 degree temp range and it isn't drafty with cold winds. Also, the chicks sleep under mama at night and that keeps them close to that higher temp as well. The main thing is that you do not want them to get a chill. Also, little chicks go through some stressful trials before arriving at your home if you order through a hatchery or pick them up at a feed store, and the higher temp helps them relax and settle down. For example, whenever I hold a new baby chick I use a heating pad and make a warm draft free space for the chick, they always hang out there and fall asleep right away. So, I suspect the reason for the higher temp and slowly lowering it weekly is to allow a stress free environment for the chicks to grow in. Something they get naturally from being with mama because she is leading them safely around and they trust her. Something they don't get when born in a hatchery and shipped to their new homes. I can't wait to experience hatching chicks of my own!!! [​IMG]

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