Chick off her feet limp wings any ideas?

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    Hello, I have a chick, MF D'uccle and the 2nd chick to do this, although the other chick was a mongrel bantam from the same hatch but completely 2 different flocks on our micro farm.

    First notice the Cochin/mix (Bantam) 2 weeks ago go off his feet. Probably 4 weeks old, muscles seem fine, ROM legs and wings seem normal, able to hold head up, but not stand. Assuming it was just one chick, culled him through a Vet in hopes that they could possibly shed light on this issue.
    Today I hear wing flapping panic and find the D'uccle chick (7 weeks old) she was on her side, and still trying to move (to regain her footing). ROM (range of motion) in legs, wings, no apparent injury, these birds are in the house in a separate room, with no exposure to chemicals.
    When she was in my arms, moving shirt she would roll onto her side and not care. Only wants to eat Tomato, nothing else. Her crop seems empty, she is having clear liquid with darkish feces and a tad bit of white.

    I have dipped her beak into liquid with electrolytes and a bit of sulmet. No apparent infection, but who knows...tonight I placed some poly visol in her water, she has decreased wing control, when she stands she will raise one foot like something is stuck on it, turn her head towards that foot and proceed to fall down onto keel, struggle and give up.

    She is in a box separate from the others, on shavings with a light for a little warmth.

    I am at a loss, she has gained, eaten, drank water sufficiently. I had given all the chicks small amounts of bread crumbs and fruit with the offer of apple, grapes, and Blue Seal Chick Starter.

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