chick one week old ........ with mum .. what now ???

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    Aug 1, 2011

    Baby peeping through ...............

    Miss Nuggett has only on chick hatched by her and she and the chick are in the brooder box locked off so in the top partof the box and they have water and both are eating chick starter at present and have access to fresh water changing it often during the day ........... MUM IS LOOKING AFTER HER BABY WELL BUT IS SCRATCHING UP THE PLACE and pecking the floor, AND TRYING TO (sorry for caps)dust bath in the wood shavings ......... she is fussing alot but doesn`t want to go out .......she has a ramp to the lower level which I can open up but can the chick go a ramp at 1 week old and be warm enough in the run ??? all these questions .. I am in Australia and forcast is for 30 degrees celcius tomorrow durin the day .......... I have the run on our verandah which is concrete and under cover have put hay and wood chips down and a half box with wood chips and hay in it for a nesting box ...... when can venture out with mum ...... I feel soory for mum as she has been in the box for days now ........lots of questions ....... I know ........ need a little advice as every step is new to me ........ Thanks
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    Yes, I had a Black Copper Marans, that did all that scratching thing, because I locked her in, she ended up killing 3 Silkies by half burying them, I ended up saving on and brought it in and got it a companion.
    She will keep it warm.
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    At 30ÂșC it won't hurt for your one week old chick to go out with it's mum.


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