chick owners that use sand it coop

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    Those of you who use sand/ dirt in there coop for flooring during the summer time do you put hay or wood chips down or do you keep it dirt, I am using sand for summer and it pulls moister away helps keep the smell down and the coop cool but for winter not sure if I should change up to hay.
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    I have a climate that allows sand year round, here in Central Texas. I think that something warmer might be needed for winter in a colder climate. I recently switched to wood chips is the larger coop. I was having more odor issues, and it seemed to control it better. I like the sand in the smaller coop. I'm sorry I can't give you a better answer, but I just don't have the climate issues that you do.
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    I live in la's Vegas Nevada as of yesterday we are still in high 90 very little. To no humidity. Most winter mid days youbdont even need to were jacket but we get a few 30 night
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    We also live in South Central Texas and we use sand due to most if not all our property is sand. I take the tractor out back and get a scoop of sand and throw it in. Then they get the little bugs and critters also. I do scrap the top of the sand before scooping thou. Works great here, but I dont think we even got below 30 degrees in the past 2 years either.

    The sand for us is just easier to clean. It is absorbent and you can just bout sweep it out with little effort. We do occasionally mix in some wood chips from tractor supply because that is what we use in the nest boxes.

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