Chick Pecking other chicks!

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    So I have 4 baby chicks all about one and a half week old. My ameracuna has lately been pecking at other chicks but not really pecking them but helping take off very lose baby feathers on all the other chicks, she also likes to take off any wood shavings they have on them. Im not quiet sure if this is common of if theres a way to prevent this. The ameracuna also likes to peck the side of the clear plastic container they live in, and when all the other chicks eat she goes up and eats a little then pecks the plastic on the side of the food container. I don't know what to do if this is a problem or just to let it go.

    But I also had another question... this same baby chick isn't eating as much as the other chicks are and her gullet is almost always very small (compared to other chicks) and I don't want her to die from starvation because I had two chicks die this way. So is there maybe a way to make her gullet bigger or make her eat more often?

    Thanks everyone hope to solve these problems soon...[​IMG]
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    My chickens always peck at things that are "out of place" on each other, whether that's a stray feather or a pine shaving. It's perfectly normal and nothing to worry about unless any of your chicks are wounded (because they might peck at the wounds). When I had chicks in their plastic bin brooder they would also peck the walls; I'm guessing they were attracted to the crumble dust that accumulated along the sides of the bin.
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