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    Jan 16, 2009
    Colbert, Ga
    Of my 6 original feed store chicks, they all have different personalities. I can't wait to watch them grow up. They are about 3 weeks old now.

    Shirley, BO, loves for me to hold her. Don't know if it lack of fear or curiosity, or both. She is the only one that actually runs TO me when I put my hand in the brooder. She will actually straddle my fingers to put her body in my palm to pick her up. When she's on my lap, she's not afraid of anything.. including the dog and cat.

    Lucky, RIR. She is my DD's baby. No doubt about it. She doesn't mind being picked up by me, but she is the only one who runs to DD. If I try to hold her when DD isn't around (like after bedtime) she spends half the time cheeping and looking around for DD. But Lucky will sleep in DD's hand while she's being carried around the living room. Absolute trust in my DD. She's still sweet to everyone else, but we aren't "her" girl!

    Rockette, BR. She doesn't run, but doesn't come to me either. She'll sit on my lap, but doesn't really do much. She doesn't really have much of a personality yet. I'm hoping she gets one soon , but my other adult BR were pretty bland personality wise too. For some reason DH just loves them tho.

    The EEs:
    Bucky (male). He doesn't like to be picked up, but once I'm holding him he is good. He acts big in front of the rest of them, but once alone with me it takes him about 5 seconds to snuggle up and start quiet little sleepy cheeps.

    Chirpy (girl) got her name for a reason. She doesn't care to be taken from the rest of the chicks and isn't quiet about letting you know. She was the noisiest day since the day we brought her home and that hasn't changed. She doesn't struggle when you hold her, but she yells at you the whole time.

    Twirpy (girl) was the smallest of the feed store chicks. She is like Chirpy, but quieter. You can tell being held isn't her favorite thing but she puts up with it. After a few minutes she gets bored and likes to sprawl herself across my leg (well as much as she can for such a tiny thing).

    I am hoping that the banties will have such distinct personalities once I can start telling them apart.
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    My hens tend to be flighty. This is not hard to imagine since I have majority roosters thanks to the free roosters Ideal sent me. I am hoping once the rooster fleet meets with the fridge, the girls will come out more.

    By the way, I have a Buff orp roo that sounds just like your buff hen. He is fearless and not only wants but expects you to pick him up. He will get jealous if you pick up or pet another chick and peck and your shoes to get your attension. We did not know if he was a hen or roo until last week and we all thought he was a hen because of his behavior. However, the waddles never lie and his comb shot up so sadly he is a roo. I have two buff hens that will hopefully be like yours.

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    Ain't it fun to figure out their personalities? In my last flock their moods changed a little as they matured. They'd go through friendly and moody phases.

    In my new flock of 6-week old pullets, the Australorp Edie is the one who likes to be handled most. Her sis Aggie is also brave, but doesn't seem to care so much for being held.

    My BOs, Mabel & Marge, settle down quickly after I pick them up and seem to like being petted, although they complain a bit when I first pick them up. The same with my RIRs, Wynnona and Rhoda.

    The BRs Bertie & Gertie are both brave and don't seem to mind being petted. Nothing much fazes them.

    My white EEs are the flightiest of all. Lucretia and Fiona act like the world's ending if I pet them.

    I have a couple of mystery pullets: Zelda is either a brown leghorn or a welsummer - I'm waiting to see what color her earlobe turns. She is brave -doesn't mind being handled - she is more friendly than I expected her to be.

    Loretta is a golden-laced looking peep, but I don't know what she is. When I asked on this site everyone said EE, but the only EE quality she seems to have is a pea comb, so we'll see. She is brave as well - doesn't mind being handled.
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    I've got one EE rooster, 2 buff orps, and 2 Isa browns. We will have 3 RIR's and 3 EE coming soon also.

    Out of the 5 we have now...

    The EE rooster, who is the oldest is very friendly so far. He likes to be picked up, and is usually there waiting to be picked up first.

    The two buff orps are girls. They are a little younger than the EE Roo. One of them is super friendly, and LOVES to be held. The other orp, we kinda question whether she is a she at times. She will tolerate being held, but she will peck at an unfamilar hand. She looks exactly like the other in terms of her feather development, but her personality is very different.

    Our 2 ISA's are sweethearts. They are also the youngest. They are first in line to be picked up, and get jealous when they aren't picked up first [​IMG] I also noticed the EE rooster loves to sleep next to both of them. He will also make sure they are ok, when they aren't in the brooder.
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    Jan 16, 2009
    Colbert, Ga
    Among my other chicks... The Naked Necks are trouble makers! They've been all living nicely in my bathtub for the past week. Yesterday afternoon, one of the NN discovered he could jump/fly up to the edge of the tub. He taught some of the others that it's so much fun. Well, the banties and the meaties haven't gone up there as far as I can tell. But the others all have. I went in to look at them and they were all lined up on the edge. Then NN1 pushed Chirpy off (to the outside). LOL She was ticked and started yelling at him. WHen I picked her up and put them all back in the tub, she chased him around griping the whole time!

    Now I am paranoid and have to check on them every 10 minutes to make sure one doesn't get trapped out of the heat until I can get home tonight with more cardboard to raise the side. Counting 20 chicks when they are all running around and half are black banties that look just alike and hide under the big chicks is so not easy!

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