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    Mar 24, 2012
    I have a 4 wk. old Silkie chick....would love to see some photos of chicks the same age. He/she was all fluff for the first couple of weeks. I was pretty sure he was a blue, but then he lightened up in some areas, and has new feathers coming in dark, so I have no idea what color he is, but he still looks like he'll be a blue to me.

    Also, does anyone know when you should be able to tell if they have vaulted skulls?? I'm hoping to show, so I'm nitpicking all the small stuff, and it's my understanding that the ones with vaulted skulls are more desirable for show. At first, his head looked 'normal', but now, at 4 weeks, he's got a mini pom-pom on the top of his head and a nice, puffy chest.

    Another question......... I've been feeding him Chick Starter from Tractor Supply. At 4 weeks of age, is there anything that I can give him as far as treats?

    I ordered eggs online from a reputable Silkie breeder, and he/she was the only one that hatched out of a dozen eggs! I did everything by the book as far as I know......I let the eggs rest for 10-12 hrs. before putting them in the incubator. I have the kind with the automatic turner, and checked the temperature and humidity numerous times 24/7........put the eggs in lockdown on the 18th day, increased the humidity during the lockdown period, and can't figure out why I only got one chick. I keep reading up on Silkies, and can't find where I did anything wrong, so I can only surmise that the shipping was too rough on the eggs. I think my little twerp is lonely. I have another batch of eggs in lockdown now, so I should have chicks (crossing my fingers) in a few days. When they hatch, should I keep them separate from my 4 week old, or put them in together?

    Thanks to all of you who welcomed me as a new member.

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