Chick Pics for Gramma De and Auntee Amanda (Pic Heavy)

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    Finally I've got some updated pics of my babies at 2.5 weeks! They're really starting to take on the feathers and individual personalities.

    So here we go for Gramma De and Auntee Amanda.

    First up is my little splashy chick that I've named Robbie. This little one has a tiny mohawk and it reminds me of my DS Robbie, who says that the name is universal and could apply to a girl too and he's pleased to have a namesake. I'm thinking we've got a little polish in the blood here.


    and get a load of these feet! Several of the mixed chicks have these two-toned feet.


    Next up is Snuffy. Snuffy is another with a little polish blood and it's poof stands a little higher than Robbie's.


    and again with those feet. [​IMG]


    And here is Stinkerbelle. She's one of my smallest chicks with a big chicken attitude. I think there might be some bantam cochin blood in her. She has feathers the same color as her wings on her feet. I just love those little wingys coming out on her shoulders.


    This is Bluebelle. I think she is one is one of the cochin mixes...and she's the slowest one to feather out. She has wings working but nothing on the shoulders yet. I think she's going to be a gorgeous hen. She too has those crazy two tone feet.



    And here we have Hooter. Hooter is one of my EE's and she reminds me of an owl. I have 3 of them this same color and one that is white who I call Betty. Betty (not pictured) is my sweetest of all 11.


    All 11 of my babies are thriving. They're getting sooo big and as big as my brooder box is, they're running out of room! I'll have to move them in the next couple of weeks outside into the new coop that we're building and I think I'm going to cry when I do. I love having them right there in the sunroom!
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    They are too cute [​IMG]
    Thanks for sharing pics with us. [​IMG]
    Glad they are doing good. [​IMG]
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    Apr 9, 2008
    I love it!!! I'm so glad that you are letting us see them.. I hope that you will let us keep see them... I love them all and there names.. Keep up the good work... I would like to see your pen after you get it done.... No, frizzle I hate that.... De
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    aw, they are all so cute! Stinkerbelle is really beautiful...and the name is very cute (and probably appropriate!).

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