Chick poop is like water - just one chick


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7 Years
Mar 23, 2012
My babies are 9 days old, we've had them for 6 days. Our smallest one, Chloe, when she poops, it looks almost like water but a little cloudier and maybe slightly thicker, but more liquid like than gel or solid like. All of our other babies are doing normal dark colored poops w/the white part.

She is our smallest chick, but has always acted fine, looks alert, eats, drinks, etc....She seems normal but her poop definitely does not look like the rest of them so I wanted to see if this is normal and maybe just because she is the smallest or if this could be a sign of something wrong? I have given them access to a "chick stick" which they love (a few times the past couple of days) and kefir mixed with their crumbles once a day for the past 3 days which they also love, besides that they have only been getting water w/ACV and their organic chick crumbles.

Thanks for any help!!



7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
Hi. I was searching for an answer to the same question. I am completely new to raising/keeping chickens. I have week old bantams of various polish crested chick just started pooping very loose runny poop and then within just 30 min to an hour started pooping water with a bit of cloudiness in it. I had hoped someone else had answered your question so I could learn from it too. Any improvement in your chick? If yes, did you do anything that helped? Hoping to keep this baby healthy. Its the sweetest of all the babies so far.

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