Chick problems...HELP! :(

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    Feb 19, 2013
    Hello, my name is Alyssa. I have had chickens before (from last year), and I just got my spring chicks a couple of days ago! :) I do 4-H, and my dad orders large, egg laying hens. Each year we get chickens, the bantams get picked on! My soon-to-be one year old hen, a Blue Cochin Bantam, bites do to being picked on as a chick, and the roosters would bully her too. She is better, now that we separated her from the roosters, but still tends to nip. In 4-H, your chickens have to be able to stand on a table :/ , and cannot bite! And they have to be able to do this in about 5 months, and it took me about 6-7 months to calm my blue cochin, Belle. I am also scared that I will be bitten in front of the audience, judge, or before i show and am trying to clean and shine. What can i do to tame down these chicks at this young age (about 4 days old now). They are already peeping like crazy when i pick them up, and getting pecked by the bigger chickens. I've been told to handle them as much as I can, and I've been told to leave them alone too! And it seems the more i hold them, the more wild they get! Please help! [​IMG]
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