Chick pulling feathers out - any help or advice?


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Sep 5, 2011
South Africa
My one little chick seems to be pulling her feathers out, she is constantly scratching under her wing and on her back and seems to have pulled some of her small fluffy feathers out.
I have had them for about a week and so far they seem to be doing well, she was the smallest but is catching up well and keeps trying to run and fly
Any ideas what this might be and if I need to do anything?


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9 Years
Aug 20, 2010
Check her really close to be sure she doesn't have mites or something. Mites will either be visible or you'll see clusters of eggs at the base of the feathers. If she looks ok, then just leave her to it. You might give them a chance to dust bathe by giving them a cake pan of sand too. It's really funny to watch them do that. But be warned: sand will fly everywhere. It's their way of grooming and dealing with parasites and overall itchy-ness and it's relaxing for them too. Or letting them run in a small enclosure outside on bare dirt will do it too, they'll figure it out on their own if they find some soft loose soil.

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