Chick- purchased Araucana/Americauna, looks more like a Buttercup?


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Mar 5, 2011
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What do you think? She was in the "Araucana/Americauna" bin at the feed store, but she's not quite as fluffy - and doesn't have a beard, and she's got those speckles by her eyes.
I was thinking either Brown Leghorn or Buttercup. The chicks are ordered from McMurray, and the feed store employees aren't very skilled at telling chicks apart, even when it's blatantly obvious - They gave me two Light Brahma's when I asked for New Hampshire Red, not sure how they got that mixed up LOL!

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What kind of comb does it have?
If it is a pea comb it might just be a beardless EE, Easter Egger.
This chicks that come from hatcheries are not either Ameraucanas or Araucanas, but they are EE As they don't have recognized colors and they do not breed true to their colors, but they are lovely birds still.
I bought chicks out of the Americana/easter egger pullet bin last year and ended up with three buttercups (2 hens and a rooster) and a Wellsummer hen. They all had greenish legs. I thought they were beardless easter eggers for the longest time until I looked up what breeds have the double combs. I don't know how I discovered I had a Wellsummer, maybe because she kept laying dark speckled eggs. I still don't have any easter eggers but hope to get some this year. Would like more Wellsummers as well.
well, she certainly looks a lot like the "Americana" --- really Easter Egger -- chick I got, the one least like a chipmunk ... and mine appears to be beardless and less fluffy/puffy than the other six .. but mine are only a week old, far too soon to see what they will look like

or even if they are truly all pullets ....

gotta love the hatchery chicks -- right now they are as active as the wild birds outside .. they sound like them too
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I believe that your chick is an EE but beardless. I had a chick like that in color and I think chickie is very cute. Sometimes Hatcheries send the wrong types. But I say a surpries non the less. :)
One of my EE hens looked just like yours when she was a chick. She's muff-less and has a single comb. She lays really light tan/ pinkish eggs. EE's really can look a multitude of ways, it just depends on what they were crossed with! Good luck with your chickie-- she's a real cutie!!

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