Chick raised by hen is smaller than one under light

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    My boarder bought chicks from the same batch as I at the feed store, an unknown bantam with feathery feet. She had a broody hen on eggs and places hers with the hen, which is a cochin bantam. Her eggs hatched, so about 7 chicks total. I raised mine with my larger breed chicks under a lamp. Her chick is about half the size as mine at 4 weeks. Is this normal?
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    If you consider that under a broody hen, when the sun goes down the babies tuck up underneath her and go to sleep all night long, not waking up until the next morning, it's not horribly surprising to see that. Under a lamp the chicks are up 24/7, running around and eating, eating, eating. Not much else to do in a brightly lit box and their instinct to eat during "daylight" hours is pretty strong. They DO sleep - but it's for short amounts of time here and there, not a full night. When they wake up from every cat-nap the first thing they do is head for the food and water. Broody raised chicks fill their little crops in the evening, then scoot under Mama until breakfast, not eating at all during that time.

    Individual traits and some genetics also come into play. Like kids, some chicks are just smaller than others. Those you buy might be the same breed or variety, but don't necessarily have the same parentage so there can be a lot of variance in each chick's genetic makeup.

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