Chick renamed ESCAPE... for just cause....

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    Nov 22, 2010
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    So I pulled a few of my 3 week old chicks out to take pictures of them to send off to their egg source.. I decide to do it in the kitchen on the hardwood.. I have five chicks, I take one out of the bin I brought them into the house in, put it on the floor take a picture and then get out another one. Everything goes perfectly, no pooping on the floor, no hysterics, just calm little pictures.. Like this one...


    After I've taken all the pictures, I start putting them back in the bin to take them back out to the brooder. One, two, three, four....... where the heck is number five???? There's no way out of the kitchen without going past me and since I'm sitting on the floor I know it didn't do that.. Ok... there's no cupboards open, there's no chicken in the kitchen.. I look in the adjoining dining room, under the table, in the living room, down the stairs... no chicken anywhere...

    So I'm getting a little worried now, where in the world could it have gone? I'm pretty sure the missing one was over by the stove so I feel under the cabinet and lo and behold, there is a little hole next to the stove under the toekick of the cabinet. It's maybe 3 inches square but because of the extreme angle and small size, I can just get my fingers in it. I don't hear anything but I'm thinking that's where it had to have gone.. WHY??? I have no idea but it would have had to go under the toekick and then straight up into the hole and then back into the false side of the cabinet..

    My wife and kids get home from karate and I tell them there's a missing chicken in the house and the whole story.. My 15 year old daughter has the brilliant idea to stick her little camera up the hole and take a picture to see if the chick is in there...... picture taken, no chick, just two little balls and a penny.... then as we are looking closer, we decide that the hole takes a sharp left and goes behind the cabinets as well.. Who designed these cabinets??? So I pull out the stove, get my drill and make a hole so we can look down behind the cabinets now.. Camera girl takes another picture... there's a couple more balls (How did these get back there??) I look a little closer and.......


    .... there's a chicken clear back at the end of the tunnel!!! So I drill a few more holes, get the jig saw out, connect the dots, make a bigger hole...


    Then I have one of my 7 year olds reach back and bring the chicken to the hole.. Where I am able to carefully extricate the little gal.. She's a little dusty but none the worse for wear. She seems very happy to be back in the brooder though... My daughter has christened her ESCAPE like Dorie from Finding Nemo would pronounce it...

    What an adventure!!!
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    [​IMG] I think the same cabinet maker did my cabinets. We had the exact same thing happen with a kitten. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Has to be an Icelandic chick! They love adventure! [​IMG]

    I am so glad you found the chick!
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    Quote:My dear....I think that is POOP! [​IMG]

    LOL @ the story........... how did those balls get back there??? [​IMG]
    Maybe there is a bigger hole that you just do not know about, yet.
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    May 11, 2010
    What a rescue!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Oct 8, 2009
    [​IMG] chicks keep you on your toes.
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    Oh gosh, you had to cut the cabinet to get her out? [​IMG] And yeah, that IS poop on the floor. [​IMG]

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