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  1. This is very weird: I came home and the chick feed jar was empty and a ton of food was on the floor of the brooder.

    Today, I see what's going on: one of the chicks is just pecking at the food and scooping it down onto the floor. It's as if there is something in there she is digging for. It's a little aggressive, AND it's wasting a ton of food!

    What is this??

    I tried yelling "Ruby, stop that!," but shockingly, that doesn't work [​IMG].
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    This is very common. I use a dish out from under a flower pot or any kind of pan to catch the feed. The dish/pan just needs to be a little larger then the base of the feeder and have a 1 inch lip or so. I pick out any shavings/poop that might get in it, mix with some fresh, and refill their jars.


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    Yes, shocking how they don't listen, isn't it??? Rather like real Yeah, chickens (and chicks) scratch and dig and peck - that's pretty much how they spend their lives. Setting the feeder up high on a brick or block of wood so that the food itself sits chest high will help reduce the waste. If it makes you feel any better, they will still eat most of the food that's been scratched out. Also, you can set the entire thing (brick and feeder) inside a planter base or something so that what is chinned or scratched out will land in that rather than down in the bedding...
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    They won't waste it, it will alllll get eaten. lol

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