Chick Season! Show off your new ones!

This is brody. He is my favorite rooster and the only chicken that has a name out of the 30 I have!!He is a Easter egger.
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Fully hatched out yesterday. These lil guys pure brahma's and brahma crosses. 2 of the yellow ones came from my blue egg layer and 2 of the blue & yellow came out of the other 2 blue eggs one yellow came out of a brown egg so unsure which of my girls is that ones mam.


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The first two are about two weeks old- a buff leghorn and a BLR Wyandotte. Their names are Penny and Ruble. The other four were just hatched yesterday! They don't have names yet but the drinking one in the front is an Olive Egger, the brown chipmunk girl behind her is an Easter Egger, the little gray/black blur is a Dorking and the black/yellow one in the back is a Black Copper Maran.

I currently have the older and younger ones separated with a little partition in their cage. Anyone have suggestions about when it's okay to put them both in together? The older chicks were really curious last night and peeped at them a lot but I thought it would be good for them to have a separate space for at least a week. They came from different places. The younger ones are vaccinated but the older ones aren't.
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