Jul 26, 2021
My chick is 8 days old. It is smaller than the rest and can be very loud. He had feathers but not much. He has struggles with walking as the umbilical cord got wrapped around his leg bu I managed to pry it off so hopefully he will improve. Do you reckon that there is another issue because he does chirp a lot, I assumed it maybe because he's isolated but sometimes it seems like he is a lot of pain. He walks around backwards but that could be because it's easier to walk like that for him. And he seems sweaty at times eventhough the temperature is right....
Any ideas on what I should do?


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Is this the most current photos?
Can you get a photo of the chick standing on her own from front and back?
Any swelling of the leg joints?

The walking backwards is usually a neurological symptom. Try giving 400IU Vitamin E along with 1/4 tablet B-Complex daily.
Make sure the chick is eating/drinking well. Offer bits of soft cooked egg to help with the uptake of E.

Peeping a lot could be she's too hot/cold - see that she has one warm spot in the brooder. Give her a stuffed animal, rolled up sock or wash cloth to snuggle against in the warm spot.
Work on keep her hydrated and eating.

Sometimes not matter what we try, chicks hatch with something wrong and they fail to thrive, so do the best you can.

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