Chick shaking head whilst asleep

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  1. I have a 3 day old silkie chick who shakes her head while she sleeps. She is the eldest of 3, and seems healthy in every other way. She is very active and is eating/drinking/pooping normally. These are the first chicks I've ever had, and I might be worrying over nothing, but if anyone knows what is wrong with her, if anything, I'd appreciate comments :) thanks xxx

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    May 19, 2014
    I'm not sure what you're describing here. But I'll say this! Our six year old silkie hen shakes her head everytime we are talking around her. LOL It's a one time shake to the right or left. But it's with every word we say.

    Does your's do that? Or is it more like a palsy disease action?

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    Every silkie hen I have shakes their head when I say their name or talk to them. I witnessed it for the first time a couple of years ago when one my hens went broody and I let her
    hatch out the eggs. I would stop and talk to her several times a day while doing various tasks and each time I noticed that when I would speak, she's give that big poof of hers a
    little jiggle. Scared me at first. I thought maybe she had some sort of neurological problem. That was until I discovered that she only did the head shake when she heard the voices of people she knew, not for just anybody !!! Don't know if yours are that way too, but it sure cracks people up when they see it. Anyway, since then, every silkie hen I've had has done
    the little head shake-shake-shake thing (at least when they're nesting), so perhaps it's a little known silkie trait. [​IMG] Either that or the entire breed must suffer from some sort
    of neuro issues (which I highly doubt) !!! So I just chalk it up to their cuteness quotient and go on about my day (with a big smiling grin).

  4. I think I'm just a new chick mummy worrying about nothing! After reading your messages this morning, before work I snuck up on her and watched her sleeping for a few minutes and she was fine, no head shaking :D I didn't want to wake her to test out the talking theory, but later this evening I'll have a chat with her and see :p

    Thinking about it there was a bit of noise yesterday evening, and I know I wouldn't exactly be peaceful if there was a ruckus going on while I was trying to sleep!

    I just wanted to make sure there was no well known issue that could account for this.

    Perhaps it's just all their lovely fluff blocking up their ears, like they're wearing ear muffs :D

    Thanks ladies for your reassuring words xxx
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    Dec 26, 2015
    Im noticing that one of my chicks are shaking her head too while sleeping...its kinda wierd lol i dont know if i should worry either .-.

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