Chick sleeping a lot and walking weird


6 Years
Jun 26, 2017
Concord, NH
I just noticed today that my 4 week old Welsummer chick was acting quite strangely. He always just wants to lie down and sleep, but when he's standing, he has his neck scrunched up into his body and walks like his legs are too heavy. He kind of brings them around the side more than just straight forward when walking. I also noticed that he was breathing kind of heavily. His body seemed to be moving more drastically with each breath when compared to the others. He has been eating and drinking and I haven't noticed any other symptoms. Does anyone have any ideas as to what is ailing my chick?
Photos of the chick and it's poop would be helpful.
Have you checked for pasty butt?
What do you feed them? .....medicated or non medicated crumbles? Any other foods?
Do they have access to chick grit?
Where do you keep them? In a brooder or outside? Broody hen reared or incubator/brooder?
Lethargy and hunched posture suggest coccidiosis. Do you have Corid on hand or can you get will be in the cattle section of your local farm store. Coccidiosis can kill quickly, so it is worth getting some sooner than later and even if it isn't coccidiosis. the medication is pretty mild and should not have adverse effects.
I've ruled out coccidiosis as the chick's poop looks normal. I'm thinking it's a digestive issue. I've had experience with an impacted crop and my mind went there right away, but the crop is going down every day which leads me to believe that that's not what it is. I don't think it's sour crop either because there is no smell coming from the chick and I don't think it's doughy crop because like I said, the crop goes down every day. He's still eating and drinking ok, but his neck feathers are ruffled and he keeps his head pretty tucked into his body rather than stretching his neck out. They're kept in a brooder inside and they're on medicated starter crumble. There 5 weeks old at this point. I also haven't really noticed him walking weird anymore, but he still is usually found laying down under the "brooder hen" that I have. I have given apple cider vinegar in their water because I thought it was doughy crop at first and the next day, his crop was down so I thought I fixed the problem, but he's still acting strange. I gave them some chick grit and have been putting nutridrench in their water as well to try to keep the little guy strong.

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