Chick sneezing?

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    Mar 20, 2016
    Good morning! Quick question for everyone. I have a chick that has been sneezing and seems to be breathing a little faster then the rest of the chicks. She otherwise is doing great. She is running around, eating, drinking, normal bowel habits. I'm not sure what to make of this? She is growing well, is about 2 weeks old now and feathers are coming in nicely. She doesn't seem to be struggling to breath. She has no crusting around the nose. She literally looks fine except for what I listed above.
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    Well so far it doesn't seem to be anything serious.. She could have something caught in her throat bothering her or might have a cold.. If she seems fine I would leave her be but if you are concerned.. you can separate her from the rest of the flock with some good heat and some Gatorade or electrolytes just to make sure.. My chickens occasionally sneeze and sometimes they do the gasping mouth when something gets stuck and then they are fine...

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