***Chick standing all fluffed up/loosely carrying wings/eyes closed***

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  1. chicken quartet

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    Jun 12, 2008
    Corona, CA
    I'm REALLY new to chickens so I'm worried about this chick. I've only had her since Friday but she's not acting like the other one I got with her.

    She's just standing in her cage with her feathers all fluffed up, eyes closed, loosely carrying her wings (they seem like they are falling down??)and keeping her head close to her body. She seems pretty lethargic. Usually she runs from me when I try to pick her up.

    I've searched all over the emergency boards and read everything I can. I've separated her from the other birds. I put some vitamins in her water. I've been giving her yogurt, electrolytes, and vitamin water through a dropper. She pecked a little at her food. It doesn't seem like her crop has anything in it.

    Our weather here over the past few days has been REALLY HOT. It was 105 for about 3-4 days in a row. She didn't seem to tolerate the heat as well as the others. Could this be heat related? What else can I do for her? I have her inside now as well. What is wrong with her??
  2. chicken quartet

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    Jun 12, 2008
    Corona, CA
    Also, I just saw her poop and it was a greenish color with white top. She pecked a little at her food but then goes right back to closing her eyes and just standing there. She is about 6 weeks old.
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  3. Horsewell

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    May 27, 2008
    Poor chick [​IMG] Hopefully someone can help you
  4. It sounds like you are doing everything you can right now. You may be right...she may not tolerate the heat as well as the others. If you think it may be heat related, you might try putting a plastic bag with ice cubes in it in her box in case she's trying to cool off. I always hesitate to recommend antibiotics because I think they are overused typically. However, if in the next couple of days she isn't better, you may have to add some to water. Sulmet, perhaps.
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  5. normajean

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    Apr 14, 2008
    Howell, MI
    Electrolytes!!! Add to cold water! The packets are sold at most feed stores and are a chicken saver if they are sickly and especially in this heat. Also try a little cool wet crumble to see if that will encourage eating.....if it gets worse you can try Baby Parrot supplement.
    If you possibly have a fan for the area they are in I would turn one on for them. The ice cubes/ anything cold around them helps too.
    Keep us posted.....
  6. chicken quartet

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    Jun 12, 2008
    Corona, CA
    Well, she's still not any better. [​IMG] I have her in the house where it's cool. She's just been standing in the same place ALL day. She barley moves even when you come near her. Thanks for all the input! I'm trying it all!
  7. sammi

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    Dec 21, 2007
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    even tho she's in the house where it's cool..she still needs those electrolytes if it's heat related.
    and fast.
    if you can't get them right away, try diluted Pedialyte..or in a pinch..Gatorade..diluted by half, until you can get the proper ones.
    if she won't drink..give by drops on beak..

    the electrolytes by durvet are best (IMO)

    check the crop for any lumps or grainy feeling, in case she might have an impaction..
  8. wilds of pa

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    It could have been from the heat..? how is she doing now..

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  9. jesusonhi

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    May 17, 2015
    I know this is an old thread but I currently have a chick that is feathered and was just moved from inside to outside. All the others appear to be doing well but this one is standing with its eyes closed and puffed up. Can stress cause this?
  10. acm6912

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    Does anyone have a suggestion on this thread? I just put my 6 chicks outside and it's been hot but we've been making sure they're in the shade and bring them in if they look too hot. I have one chick that has her feathers fluffed and is sleeping alot since yesterday. They are on medicated chick feed and I just finished a 21 day prevention with corid. She doesn't have a hard crop either and no weird poop that I've seen.

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