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    Jul 31, 2014

    Need a little bit of help. I'm trying to make my own chick starter because here at my local store it's impossible to find chick starter pack. Anyway below is the list of foods that I have now and I need to know the portion / ratio that I should mix together.

    Pumpkin seed
    Amaranth seed
    Alfalfa seed
    Sunflower kernel
    White Sesame
    Split green bean
    Wheat grain
    Wheat corn
    Wheat bran
    Yellow split peas
    Chia seed (Optional)
    Fenugreek seed (Optional)

    Things that I can't find as per some other posts that I read are Oyster Shell and Lentils. So can anyone share with me the ratios I should serve for each type of the food above or let me know if I need to remove some from the list. I read somewhere where too much of something can cause some side effect but I'm not sure which one that shouldn't be taken in excess.

    I'll mix, grind it and make it as a starter food for my Serama Chick.

  2. Well first [​IMG]

    Alright all sounds good but Turkey Grow will also work just fine or flock raiser as both have high protein content for chicks .......
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    I have done this prior, and no longer do so. You list an impressive group of seeds and such for your mixture, you must have done you homework on seeds and nutrition. It is fun, I can not say that enough. I, like you find the feeding of birds as much fun as the keeping of them. But in the end I just let the professional nutritionalist do the mixture for me. My degree is not in this field and despite my best efforts, I am not getting the trace amounts in and or mixed right. I use 24 to 28% game bird starter and then switch to game bird finisher/grower.

    That works well for me, and satisfies my inner craving for feeds not in common use for my purpose. The turkey feed noted above would or should work, I have not tried it as of yet. We grind and mix feeds for the farm, but for my small personal BYC flock, I have learned to let IFA, one of our area feed suppliers, do it for me. Are you looking to buy the 'base' and then add your own grains to it? I've not found a place to purchase this.

    Best to you and your project, I hope it works out well for you,

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    May 19, 2009
    Hi RJ [​IMG] ,
    I agree. I came to the same conclusion. Just too easy to get the micronutrients wrong. I had good success with
    Agway Gamebird feed. Having trouble getting it now, sigh. I am also taking a new tack on grit feeding. I was
    surprised when research divulged how important it was to properly schedule granite grit for the growing birds.
    That getting the schedule right could result in up to 20% more eggs from the adults! I wrote a review of Gran-I-Grit
    in the BYC reviews section which has the feeding schedule in it. After a couple of years experimenting, I think I
    am finally closing in on a commercially prepared diet which has all the extras my birds need.
    1. as chicks ( hatch to 7 weeks) , Bovidr Labs Nutri-Drench ( Goat, Poultry, or Pet formulas) constantly in their
    water for the 1st 4 weeks. Medicated chick feed with at least 22-28% protein ( Cargill Medicated Starter Grower). Gran-I-Grit Starter for the 1st 3 weeks, switching to Grower size grit for the next 4 weeks.
    2. as youth ( 7 to 18 weeks), Purina Start and Grow Non-Medicated Starter Grower at 22% protein till about 18 weeks. ....Or Cargill ( Agway) Gamebird for life. Switch to Gran-I-Grit "Developer" size grit for life. Black Oil Sunflower seeds plus steamed Plotspike Forage Oats as supplement to regular rations. Sprouted Plotspike Forage Oats
    4 thru 7 days old as green feed to supplement their diet at rate of one cubic inch per bird per day to bowel tolerance.
    3. Older than "youth" ( 18 weeks and for life) : Cargill "Agway" Gamebird feed for both sexes . at least
    22% protein. Gran-I-Grit Developer for rest of life. Oyster shell in separate container for laying hens. Plus
    BOSS and oat supplements.

    So far I have not added anything to their water except the Bovidr products in the 1st 4 weeks. They really help
    the chicks get off to a strong, healthy start. I have had good success using either Goat Nutri-Drench, Poultry
    Nutri-Drench, or Pet Nutri-Drops on my chicks for the 1st month.. I ran out when the last 3 chicks hatched.
    They are a week old now and I can really see the diference between them and the Bovidr Labs supplemented
    chicks. The supplemented chicks were larger and more vigorous at this same age. They had more energy. I
    got some Poultry Nutri-Drench today and I know with a week or so using it, these chicks will catch up. It sure
    was interesting to see the difference. I try to use at least 22% protein feeds at all ages as I got input from
    other heritage large fowl breeders that these heritage large fowl need more protein that the standard 16-18%
    to thrive. I am finding they are correct and am getting best results with protein between 22% and 28%.
    Best Regards,
    Karen and the Light Sussex
    in western PA, USA
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    Jun 3, 2014
    have you ever had a problem with losing chicks or chicks getting sick? I admire your pro-activity, I only ask because I have been raising chicks for years and all my birds are healthy long lived, and fabulous egg producers and I have never gone through all that trouble that you are.. LOL....
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    Sep 13, 2011
    southern Michigan
    I agree; no way can I provide the kind of balanced feed that comes to me premixed in bags from the feed store! There will be choices available at a good farm store, or they may be willing to special order something for you. I feed Purina here and have been happy with their choices. You could google manufacturers to find the nearest suppliers of feeds that appeal to you, or call the companies. My birds free range also, but winter with deep snow they depend on their feed exclusively. Modern high producing birds are more demanding nutritionally, so much easier to mess up than great grandma's birds, too. Mary
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    May 23, 2013
  8. Shaz69

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    Jul 31, 2014
    I wish there is at least one local supplier here in Malaysia that is selling chick starter pack. Been searching but I couldn't find any, only bird food and for adult chicken.

    Maybe I just a little bit of everything (same ratio) and see how it goes.

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