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Jul 14, 2012
Northwest Ohio
My pullets are a little over 8 weeks old now, I've read that I should switch them to a grower/finisher at 10 weeks of age but I have yet to find a grower/finisher feed. What should I be switching them to? Also, at what age do I not offer feed 24/7? Thanks,
they should always have feed available 24/7

you can use a starter/grower until they are around 20 weeks then switch to a layer feed. Purina makes a starter grower
Thanks, I did just take them off the medicated feed last week so now i'm buying the regular chicken starter. Do I give them layer feed before they start laying or does it matter?
It's best to wait until they start laying. The basic difference between all the feeds except Layer is the percentage protein, and ti be honest, it does not matter that much if it is 15% protein or 20%. They will do fine on any of it at about any age.

The difference in Layer and the rest is Calcium. Hens that are laying need extra calcium for the egg shells. Chickens that are not laying don't need it. Their internal organs have to work extra hard to get rid of the excess.

You can wait until they start to lay then switch to Layer or you can just offer oyster shell on the side and keep feeding whatever you are feeding them, at least until that bag of feed runs out. Some people never switch to Layer, just depend on the oyster shell for the extra calcium.
Thanks all, i worry so much that i'm not doing something right. I've always just had dogs and cats, chickens are my first "farm" animals and the more i read, the more confusing it becomes. I've managed to keep them alive and healthy for 8 1/2 weeks so i'd like to continue until i get some eggs. ha ha Glad i only started with 4. They are a ball though. Who knew chickens could be so much fun....
as i live in east texas and we really have not had a cold winter for 12 years, i start with chick starter(medicated) then switch to All the Way crumbles it is a start growe layer that is non medicated. I feed it to bantams year round with oyster shell on the side ( itis 20 0/0 protein) and to all chicks up till i see the 1st egg. then to a layer pellet. usually Layena. Roosters that I grow out are fed all stock feed so that they grow wel but don't waste the layer feed.
also have rotational pens that have clover and grass growing for that extra nutrion that every thing needs.

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