Chick still in bad shape..please advice


10 Years
Sep 30, 2009
I posted a couple of days ago about my chick being sick. I have gotten rid of the lice and I have been coating her daily with vaseline on her legs. Her legs seem to look better. However, her walking(or lack of)has gotted worse. I have her inside in a small pet carrier. I took her out yesterday to see how she was walking...not so good. She still seems like one side is dead. I mean she still moves her legs and all, Kind of. When i stand her up, she falls down, when she tries to's like she is drunk. Staggering, wobbling, and eventually falling over. Sometimes she can get herself back up but mostly i have to pick her up and put her back on her feet. I have noticed that she gets her left(if your looking at her) wing caught between her foot. I don't know if she is using it as a crutch or not. But she does hold that wing kinda lower than the other. I have looked and looked and noticed no wounds or bugs(YEAH, there gone). She eats and drinks. I have placed 2 small bowls (sm. butter bowls) in her cage. I have noticed that sometimes she is like wedge in between them or up against she is using them for support. She moves around the cage some..mostly turning one way or the other. I have been feeding her starter chick feed, and scrambled eggs, and some strawberries. I have given her sugar water, gatorade w/water, but she just like plain water. She is getting poop stuck to her back side and into her feathers. I wipe her off (poor little thing). I guess she just poops where she is at because she can't move. I dunno. I was wanting to know what to do now. Should I just give up on her? What's wrong with her? What else can I do? I am planning on giving her a bathe in a few. Should I just wash her back side or her whole body? I haven't noticed that she is losing any weight...she is a mess what should I do?
You may just want to wash the messy bits or make sure to keep her warm until completely dry.

Sounds like she's using the wing to balance as well as leaning on anything else to get around. If you have the time to care for her , I say go for it (wouldn't breed her, though.)

Could be nerve damage, could be a birth defect. Sounds like you are doing everything possible for her. At some point you will know what her quality of life will be, then you can decide her fate.
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I don't know how long she has been like this, but, in my opinion, if it has been 2 to 3 weeks with no improvement, it may be time to think about culling the poor thing.
She has only been like this for a couple of days.. I am hoping that she will get better...she just got like this all of a sudden. I dunno. she seems pityful to me...I just wonder if she has some type of diease or an injury. I guess time will tell...thanks for all of your all help..god bless.
You can take a vitamin E capsule and make a little hole in it and give her a little drop. Some people use polyvisol (sp) vitamins but I don't know how much. What breed is it? I have given a little vit B also. Just a little of the tab ground up and sprinkled in some yogurt.
You can add sugar or electrolytes to the water for some added energy.
Not all chicks will make it. Not to sound harsh..but some don't. Just do your best.
Hello all, I am Bobbe's husband. I just want to add that this banty is going on 5 months old. Bobbe found her ill a little under a week ago and she seems to be losing a little more movement in her legs every day. None of the others that were running with her seem to have any symptoms. Thanks for the help. Chris
I'm sorry, but it sounds like the same symptoms that my bantam had with Mareks. I tried vitamins, and antiflams, but nothing worked. After all the one on one nursing, I could not put her out of her misery myself......a kind vet did it for me.
I would guess Mareks. I have had them recover but it takes a lot of time and hands on with keeping up with care. My hen is healthy now so I am glad I worked with her through it. I'd keep her warm and keep her bum clean. Use a bit of vasaline on the vent to keep it from sticking. Keep her where she will use the limbs. Even if you have to make her excersize it a bit. I just took our pullet out of her hospital cage and set her down where she was safe but wanted to explore. As she got stronger I took her out more. Often I had to hand feed. I gave her Sulmet in her water and that seemed to help. Good luck with your chick- sounds like she'll probably make it but just needs some special care to get through it. Mareks is a very common disease.


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