Chick Swallowed Fishing Line

Rockin' Reds

9 Years
Sep 3, 2010
Penrose, Colorado
Hello all. I cleaned out the girls' pen today and put down a fresh clean layer of sand. I went through it pretty well while shoveling it in but apparently missed a 2 foot long piece of some type of green fishing line (it almost looks like dental floss), which my 12 1/2 week old Dark Brahma chick Nugget found sometime early this afternoon. I went to check on them about 20 minutes ago and saw the other chicks pecking at her and every time they did her head would jerk around. Upon closer inspection I see this green piece of line hanging out of her beak about 8 inches or so. I went into panic mode immediately and grabbed her and laid her down in my lap. I very carefully pulled the line out, which gave some resistance initially but then seemed to come out pretty easily. The inside of her mouth was a bit bloody, I think from the other chicks coming along and jerking the line, but otherwise she seems none worse for the wear. I brought her in and gave her the once over and other than the cut in her mouth she seems okay.

I guess my question is now that I am thinking more clearly was this the wisest thing to do? I'm almost certain the line was in her crop as it was so long, she was not choking on it, and it was not balled up anywhere. I am worried I could have caused a laceration in her crop or throat while pulling it out. I did pull very slowly but I'm still worried. I thought about letting her finish swallowing it but then I worried about it getting stuck in her throat or her not being able to empty it out of her system. Anybody have any thoughts on whether or not I did the right thing? I'm such a worry-wart.
This is one of those darn if you do, darn if you don't..if you had left it, you would still be worrying. What's done is done..if you had left it, it could have passed slowly and caused different issues. I would have carefully removed it too. Watch her, make sure she is eating and drinking. I would not beat yourself did what you felt was best.
Thanks for the reply and reassurance GiddyMoon! I have been keeping an eye on her and she seems to be eating and drinking okay. She is acting like her normal self, so hopefully all is well and there is no internal damage. I guess time will tell but so far so good!!
Just wanted to say that I wouldve done the same thing-- both pulling out the fishing line and the worrying about whether it was the right thing to do. Lol. Glad to know Im not the only worry wart out there in BYC-land.

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