Chick trading amongst the other hens


9 Years
Mar 11, 2010
Granite Falls, WA
Is it normal for another hen to start taking care of another hen's chick?

I have a silkie that hatched out one chick. She has been very good about taking care of it. A couple of nights ago I noticed that one of the barred rocks was sleeping outside with her. ( I always put both mom and chick in the coop at night) Then Thursday night I went to put the barred rock in the coop and the chick was under her wing. Last night I came home late and went to put the hens and the chick inside. Only the barred rock was outside and she had the chick. Just wondering if this is normal?
As far as I know it is completely normal. Some hens take the mama thing to extremes and chicknap some wee ones from other hens.

As long as the chick looks healthy and cared for, I wouldn't worry about it! :)
Oh I am not too worried about it. As long as the chick can get warm when its cold its all good. I was just wondering if it was normal. The barred rock has never gone broody but it could very well be her chick as it hatched from a barred rock egg.

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