Chick Trainers?


Chicken Beader
11 Years
Mar 20, 2008
NW Kentucky
Yup, I have 6 of them...they have me trained well.

I fell asleep watching a movie while lying on the futon in the living room. The girls decided it was time for me to either:

A. Get up, go to bed and turn the light off;

B. Get up, walk over and give them attention; and/or

C. Get up and fix them a treat aka late night snack.

In any event, they lined up against the side of the brooder, sitting right next to the futon and began pecking at the side of the tote. It was like a little line of comandos demanding I get up and do something.

So, they all got a quick scratch and pat, waterer was refilled and a bit of crumbles spread on the brooder floor for their scratching pleasure.

I have the best little chick trainers.


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