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    Mar 27, 2016
    Raising my first hatch of 7 has been a blast. They are almost 7 weeks now & they have learned all of the backyard. They scratch, bath, sun, find worm,s everything the big ones do. In the beginning when we had the outings they were easy to not so much. So we had to figure out something different. Actually my husband figured it out. They get 2 outside romps a day. I shut up their 3 parents in the chicken house. But they have had 2 outings with them, under close supervision, & they went great. They were in the adults favorite dirt bathing hole & Harry went over to check it out. He surveyed the situation & went on about his business. We were so happy. I love my Harry rooster. Back to the trying to catch them part. 2 days ago my husband got the mealworms, which they love, opened up the door on the back porch where their pen is, sprinkled a few & here they all came....too easy!!!!!! Well now I just leave them out until they are ready to come in. They come to the back door, I open it, & they come in!!!!! Then I put them in their pen for nap time. No more chasing around the yard. Maybe they knew we are getting to old for that. They amaze me everyday how smart they are. How much they grow every night from the day before. I can't get over how much I have enjoyed them & how attached we have become to them. The only bad & hard part will be how many roos & being able to give them up. I want to keep all my flock!!!!!!

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