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    Apr 30, 2011
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    ok so I tried the cabbage in run for 8 week chicks to have fun with they want nothing to do with it along with apples shredded a few days ago. Guess I got wierd chicks , tried grapes no luck gonna try some oatmeal 2 morrow see if they like that . They love the bugs they find . they attack their feed like nobodies business.No complaints mind you they growing so fast seems like yesterday they were little bitty cheepers. I guess food enrichment is not high on their list. They do however love the tree branch for roosting in run loads of fun, been using their practice roost in the coop at nite. At this point when they are bored I will try other food oriented stuff for later started to growing some sunflowers mfor them. But keep those suggestions coming [​IMG]
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    My ladies eat the grapes if I cut them in half. If I give them whole, they throw them around. I drop the sliced grapes into plain yogurt once a week for breakfast. They also like apples if I quarter it so they can by-pass the skin. Last fall they loved our pumpkin leftovers. Left over cooked sweet corn and asparagus was a big hit last week. Strawberries were not a favorite, but a lot of people say their flock love them. Guess they are a lot like kids - you just have to keep getting them to try new things.
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    Apr 10, 2011
    if they're only 2 months old, they won't get into a whole lot. throw some grass in for them, and they'll gobble it right up once they figure out what it is.

    mine are 2 months now, also, and won't touch whole corn. they will, just not yet.
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    May 22, 2010
    Give it another month or two and they'll eat it all.
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    May 13, 2011
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    Watch a mama hen. She bawk bawk bawks to get the chicks to come running then she pecks and throws to teach them to eat what she wants them too. Wait till nobody is watching and make chicken noises while offering them things you want them to eat. If you start this as day old chicks you can get them to eat just about anything. A friend of mines baying beagle brought his one year old hens running to help him tear up a shrews nest. My friend only got a few pictures as they attacked killed and swallowed shrews whole. They were moving to fast. It was crazy. The eggs got given to the dogs for a week......... I am sure the beagle did not mind.
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