Chick tried to get out of egg, but died

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Aug 10, 2008
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Curious. I had one egg that the chick pipped in the middle, which seems to be the hardest area for them to break out of.

He pipped maybe yesterday. He had a hole to the outside world, just hadn't finished the complete cracking until today.

I came home from work to find the shell all around the middle of the egg gone (in a thin line) and the inner, leather shell attached but shredded, it was like spandex!

I opened up the egg as I didn't hear anything and there was a fully formed chick, dead.

I don't recall him chirping as much as the others yesterday. And he was fine earlier today.

He was really stuffed in there. So I'm not sure if he had some sort of abnormality and he grew too big and just didn't have the room to push out or what.

Anybody else have this problem?
Yes, consistantly. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I had 2 hatch spontaneously a few pip and then 2 days later I started to rescue...they first 3 were already dead, but I have 7 additional out of 9 alive 24 hours after I carefully pipped them then let them set, one of these did spontaneously hatch, then helped a bit more....2 I made bleed too much I think but all definately too large to pip or zip but 6 of the 7 rescued are very vigorous and rambunctious...making me very happy. I think it must have something to do with temp...I checked mine with 3 thermometers all gave same temp...but bought a new one... this one states a lower temp...then took my kitchen therm....and it coresponds with the new possibly grow larger but slower then can't pip. I'm cooking some more and am hopeful mary

So sorry to hear about ur chick! Better luck next time...
I have had 2 hatches in my short 'career'. The first (completed 1 week ago), had everything go right. This time, I had one chick pip 4 days early, but with no obvious problems. I had 2 hatch normally, and I have 2 so far that pipped on the side also. I helped one out, and i'm debating on helping the other. I also have one that has not pipped, and doesn't make a sound when tapping the shell. Only had 6 eggs in the bator due now. I wouldalso like to know what causes this. I think my problem is that I had all pullet eggs?
Sorry to hear the little one didnt make it
What were your temps and hum day 1-18 also day 18-21 ???
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When the chicks grow to big to hatch, it is typically caused by humidity being too high during incubation. The high humidity allows too little evaporation from the egg and the chick grows too big to hatch successfully. Sorry your chick didn't make it. Try less water on your next hatch and see how it goes. We all learn from trial and error.

This is my first hatch so I didn't know that you shouldn't add an egg a day as you get them. So there was more water towards the last week then some of the chicks probably should have had.

I have 6 more to go, so far they haven't pipped.

I have had the temperature right at about 100.

I've got it at about 98 today, hoping that will make up for the too much water!
A couple of nights ago I had a chick that had pipped during the day and zipped during the night. When I woke up in the am and check it, it had zipped and then completely dried out. I was sure the chick was dead, but when I picked up the egg, it peeped. It took me 10 minutes to wet it and pull the shell off of it. It's fine now, but unfortunately, they usually don't make it if that happens. My humidity had fallen to about 40% during the night and it just stuck to the shell before it could get out. Sorry about your chick...I've had it happen time and time again and I CANNOT understand it. I just have to accept that not every chick is going to hatch every time.
We haven't used a bator but had one of our broody hens hatch some eggs for us. She abandoned three of the eggs because they didn't hatch at the same time as the first two so we brought them inside and put a light on them and covered them with hay hoping that would keep the humidity high enough. They sort of hatched half way and then didn't seem to be able to get the rest of the way out. I think it was low humidity, the inside of the egg dried out and stuck to them. We were able to assist with two of them, but the third died.
If you take the membrane out of a store bought egg and layer it around your finger or toe and let it dry you will find that the membrane shrinks fast when dry and will cause a lot of pain . Therefore think humidity levels during hatching should be at least 70. Experience is the best teacher, especially when pain is involved. Anyways it WORKS for me and the chicks. Oh keep the door shut and go to bed.

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