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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by jay1995, Feb 13, 2009.

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    My six week old pullet, twitches contantly, my little Cochin does it also. Whats going on with them? Are they sick? They are being fed 20% Dumor chick starter. They have pine bedding. They are in an aquarium for a little while till they get bigger. They walk around and act fine, so they must not be cold. They have plenty of water. And they have been doing it since we have gotten them.
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    You'll need to post a bit more info on them such as:

    What are you feeding them?
    Are they in a protected coop or run, or are they free ranged?
    Are they warm enough?
    What type of flooring is in where they are and what do you use as bedding for them? Pine and aspen bedding are good, cedar is a no no etc.
    What is their poo like? Consistency, color and frequency?
    Have you fed them anything different recently?

    They may need extra protein and/or vitamins. You can try giving the Poly-Vi-Sol liquid vitamins WITHOUT iron to them and see if that helps.
    I believe the dose is 3 drops along the beak for a week, then taper off during the next week. I've given this before for 2 weeks and then tapered off, with no ill effects.

    Hopefully others will have more info and suggestions after you post.

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