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    Apr 12, 2016

    I'm a first-time chick raiser, so I might be over-reacting, but I think that there's something a little bit off with one of my chicks. I have a flock of 26 that just reached 3 weeks old today. They have all had significant growth and their wings are well developed. They're in that stage where bald spots aren't uncommon as they change from downy chicks to feathered chickens.

    One of my Easter Eggers, however, hasn't changed much besides getting bigger. The wings are still tiny, which at first I thought might have meant they were injured, but observing the chicks this one is flapping just as much as any other, it's just not productive.


    Here's a side-by-side with another Easter Egger that I got in the same delivery.


    I would appreciate any advice/knowledge you can offer.

    Thank you!

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