Chick Unexpectedly Died... reasons?

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    Oct 28, 2008
    I am baffled with this little guy.. hatched out several mutt chicks last week (they include EE X Silkie cross and one lonely cochin bantam egg that was mixed in..) after one week the crosses were growing and feathering out and were definately spunky.. the little cochin guy just appeared to never quite get it.. he would chirp if ever taken out from under hen and I never saw him moving around/eating/drinking like the others.. needless to say after a week he succumbed to his tramatic little life and was found laying off to side in pen. he was soooo tiny to begin with when he hatched but it appeare dthat he was not even developing/maturing.. no actual feather starts only the fluffy chick down and was so skinny if that is even possible with his tiny size.. I feel so bad that I was not able to do anything for this little guy.. and even more sad that I will never know if that was the only hen that hatched as I have waaaay too many roos as is. any reasons or suggestions as to why peeps may be like this.. no visible problems when he hatched and no visible injury occurred..
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    It happens. Probably nothing you could have done. Lots of things can go wrong in development.
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    happens......nothing really you can do, i had a little cochin with the same problem and she died at a young age as sure youll get some hens
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    I'd mark it down as failure to thrive.
    Sorry for your loss. [​IMG]
  5. We hatched out a little bantam that just kept being tiny. It never really took off and I tried to give it water and fed when i saw it just standing there. I even tried to isolate the little thing, but it was just too tramatic for it. In about 2 weeks I took him to a separate part of the brooder in a clear cut out container so it could see the others. I gave it separate water and fed. It died before it was 3 weeks old. So do not feel bad, these things just happen.

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