Chick update.


11 Years
Nov 9, 2008
Enid, OK!
Just finished getting my RIR chicks in their new box and thought I'd post an update about em. Old box was getting cramped so I stuck two boxes together and doubled it's size. They seem to love that. Had to put screen on the top because they were flying out and pooping in the house. Which I will have none of. Poked holes in the sides and pushed apple tree branches through for perches. They all have a good deal of feathers in on their tails, wings and backs. I also am beginning to wonder if one of my chicks is a roo because of the way she acts.. Not sure though. Would be great if I got one though, but only one. Wouldn't need more then that. All this and they are only about two (maybe three?) weeks old now. Amazing how fast they grow. Good thing the room mate is almost done with the coop outside. Just need to buy some wire now for the run.

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