Chick w/ bad leg what to do (pics) HELP!!!

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    I have a chick that is about 2 days old that has a bad leg. Basically it hops around. It's almost like the leg is splay legged or even twisted. It will move around but it doesn't want to put this leg down to use. I remember when I use to work on an ostrich ranch and we had babys w/ bad legs we would tape the legs. Not together, but put tape around each leg so they would hold the legs more underneath them and learn to use it. Sometimes it fixed the issue. Some times it didn't. Below are pics of the chicks bad leg you will notice the chick is almost sideways. Took pics of the bad and good leg. You will notice that on the good legged pic (last pic attached), that this leg is underneath the chick. Would you put this chick down or wait a while and see if it gets better. If you were to put the chick down what would be the quickest and most humane way to do it.




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    If you look closely at the hock area there will probably be some swelling and bruising. It is a common defect that I have seen and I would put it down, but that is me.......
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    You can use a bandaid for the same purpose and see whether it helps or not.
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    it looks a bit too severe to heal to me - but I've been surprised before at what young animals can do in terms of healing. The hip joint looks possibly dislocated - can you move the chicks leg ok or is it stiff?

    if you can move it ok maybe some hobbles would help, like people have used for splayed leg before - it pulls the feet closer together but allows the chick to take small steps.

    See what range of movement she has though.

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